Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions? We have answers! 

Can I learn more than one language at a time?

Yes, you can. You can learn as many languages as we offer.

Which languages do you offer?

Right now we offer English, Spanish, French, Italian, German,Greek, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Arabic and Japanese.

We also offer quite a few other Beta languages which have limited content but are fully functional. Content is continuously being added and you can import and study any content from the web.

We will be adding more languages over time.

How long does one course last?

Language Live .Net does not offer a set time period for one course, because we are

oriented on individual needs of each student.

Each course is designed to fit the goals and abilities of each client.

Some people need 2 months to conquer one level, some students need more time.

Can you help me prepare to TOEFL/IELTS?

Yes, we have a lot of experience helping students to prepare and successfully

pass these and other exams. Among our teachers there are some who’s

specialty is to help you be ready for these exams.

How do I join Conversations?

Sign up for a Conversation that fits your schedule from the list of Available

Conversations in the Speak section. Your tutor will phone you using Skype at the

scheduled time. Make sure to have Skype open and to use a headset/microphone.

How can I sign up for the course?

Sign up for a free trial lesson and leave your contact information: phone number, email and Skype ID.

One of Language Live .Net coordinators will contact you to confirm the registration, answer your questions and explain to you the process of choosing your teacher. Find out more in our section “Skype

How often do Conversations take place?

Our tutors try to cover as many different times and time zones as possible. In our more popular languages we have most times and time zones covered.

We do have tutors from around the world so if you can’t find a suitable time, let us know a time that works for you on the forum.

How many Conversations can I join?

You can join as many Conversations as you like as long as you have enough points available in your account. You can always buy more points if you run out.

How many people can join a Conversation?

Group conversations can have up to 4 learners with 1 tutor. 1 on 1 conversations with a tutor can also be set up.

How long are Conversations?

Conversations can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length depending on the number of participants. ie. A 1 on 1 conversation is 30 minutes; a 2 on 1 is 30 minutes; a 3 on 1 is 45 minutes etc.

It is also possible to create extended 1 on 1 conversations up to an hour long or more.

What are the system requirements?

To use Language Live .Net, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, or Chrome.

You should also have an iPod or equivalent MP3 player and a headset/microphone for taking part in online voice chats.

How much time do I need to learn to speak good English?

Our students speak English during each lesson. If you are a Beginner, you will start with simple greetings and short phrases, and by the end of your first lesson you will already be speaking.

Time that you will need to become fluent in English depends completely on you. If you are active during your lessons, if you are responsible about doing your homework, you will quickly get ahead.

The advantage of education at “Language Live .Net” is that every lesson is conducted exclusively in English. Your audition and speech skills are trained every minute, which means your improvement is going to be much faster.

Do I have to do homework?

Yes, you do. However some people may not have time for homework or their

only goal of the course is a conversation with the teacher – native speaker,

then they opt not to have homework. Homework is optional.

I have a few friends and we would like to take classes together, is it possible?

Yes, it is. Your group cannot exceed 4 people. The cost of group lessons you can find out in our section ‘Lessons”. Group organizer receives a 10% discount for the entire course of education.

If I skip a lesson…

If you can’t be present for class for any reason, it is not a big deal. We will reschedule your class to the time that’s convenient for you. However, you should notify your coordinator 24 hours in advance.

What is better: a headset or external speakers with microphone?

We recommend purchasing a reliable USB headset. It is more convenient; it helps

reduce the outside noise and allows to avoid echoing. With this option your teacher

has the ability to hear your speech in the best quality and correct your pronunciation mistakes.

For more details go to “Guidelines”.

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